Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fog nation

Bespoken prairie trees please a bright sight
there rambled entocamble reburstant airfights
contrite, despite ever opening in the night
around us falling floundas in the crown of brown down dust hounds us
hounds breaking ice from the root of lungs to the ozone playing mystical aboriginal
twisted cap rapper, in bleeds through the plastic, practical receptacle of rational dydactics
cracked tactics matches the mad patter up tick
why the crucibled contrainer to the plain train remainder is
in the nose of the winter flows earedencent nominal leaf-form
pre-torn miscellaneous on the returned scorn
born of nothing taller than Christmas tree's keeping to the
middle of the mitochondriac's shower where we wipp up the mighty, calibration's writing under cubically created pseudophononous metaphors.
Back in tiny, misreminded, abscent-cresting megadomes
Multiracial tempero-spatial agriculture moves the mown
Preambulation, we circumvent
the internet and in the wrent
fabricated plankton scaled with aristocratic demitones
hones your carburator calculated stereoscopic prone
under capitalized commercial eyespeck this will see the ending
of the blistered background mister tongue-twister tetrabending

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

And thoroughfair

Half the stop gap halves the hair
elongated stairs, untold despair
arrangements arraigned for inexplicable stains
of a paign camp on the coyote's holiday

the Pilsner's dilemna of pride or shame"
you can choose one or the other
but ...either "weaver suites her the same, claiming the hights of crumbling
mumbling, gnawing on the knuckles
buckles the blind in the drawing room framed
by light or by fright or by fugitive mind, we maimed the clear cup of constancy's flame
and forgot the forgiven forensic fistgrave

If I croaked in the coffin or confabulated a page
it was my reverse performativity performing a play
a retort to retorsion, untersely misgave
not a robot by the long shot on the cuff of the puff
shoring the letter up the linear raid, it cancels the actions and
tackles the shade
evoking a mystery if only for blame, gaming ahead in tangible's spade
mis-graded I ply for another concave

We're growing the dream in the funnel faucet film, freaking
on filibuster reverse socket steams, and creams the memes in the settler's beam
fixing the faucet or forcing the seams creating a washboard
all hordes on the floor
trip up your trapezoid organically bored
acorn wronged on the resonent floor bright in the skyhike moonlighting misformed
irrational rambunction reducible control

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

poem # almost 1

Wake up in the morning and its a quarter to three
I can't stop dreaming cause it's too hard to see
The green and the white
Caught in fight
And I'm quitting the sequel before they bury the tree

Bring me a pitcher, carry my flag
I won't be the last to marry for rag
Under told lipless, brilliant right
Pebbles innumerable canabalize the night
And argue sweet nothings between answering kytes

Estrangement, we thought was the order of the day
But simple remainders of cool marble clay
Arake in the mind
Alabaster pine
Conformist mis-matcher recinds the allay

Shaking my foot loose, shaking my foot loose, shaking my foot loose all day


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There's a running for the money that the Rowing Oaks won't find. My bet is the mad declention of the fifth favourited line. When we were requisting by serendipitous spite, the accumulated tolls of the entertainers last rite, I bleeped out the periodical compiled by the bedside to remember uncertianly with only candlelight, the necessarily ordinary requistioners blight. Norbert is not amused. But he will be.

about computer systems and their relation to the sign industry.

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We have many honest moments ahead of us, and I am troubled by the alliterative contingencies that scour a tenaciously tefloned telephone while reclining any illustrious ne'erdowells (the only tempting iconoclast thereof who perchance perches on the axon is Winnie-the-Pooh) to the topological equivalent of an gargantuan (correct me if I'm wrong) wellington booster rockette, ably-crafted though always balanced with journalistic," integrity . "But don't consider any of these unremarkable nathaniels to be in any unusual sense of the sword abberant, but seamlessly crystalize all mentions of the Diety toward a more unromantic recapitulation of, "perserverence.
"Doubt, if it flitters neurealisticly, is the least of our concerns, and we may as well consider a statistical deviation of the plural from the singular as a ready-made sign affecting our completely wasted arrival. I, however, was still pleased by the way with which a stalwart headbeam, white, not blue, mind you, glanced upon me, thrice convoluted, and nearly lit a match between the major-haves and the minor-havethknots. Seven ravens could have hounded any brilliant iambitante and yet once again abdicated their aservices without any constabularites irregulare to offset their carbonic carapaces. This is but only of the washing town's way to assert itself.

age of technology is relatively new to me, but in the short space

I agree with all that has been said before, even the events encrouching our exoskeletal limit. Implored, though I was, to harvest mightily, and a hawk is a lonely hunter, it, by which is meant that which was therewith written, should, morally speaking, surprise noone, not a one, in the least bit signitorially, that, by which is meant these things here which are thusly dereferenced, I never mananged the complete aggregation of the aplumbatic apostrophes, either through carefull onotologies or unrepentant reneges. The unascriptive repetion of reason, a season for all seasons, soiled by narative revisionism, my mouth-watering mmm, made, nevertheless, on these silky shores an unimpressionable depression of button A. The most interesting sentence I can say about books in general is that they are long; no author sought casuality, certainly not causality, but more often their own casualty in the penning. A prime pump, if we must condescend to defite such a term, is precisely the remainder of cheese cake confiscated when lessly partitioned or morely mentioned to the plebian authorities, unbeknowst to himself, the contraband that shimmies and occasionally, with all the appropriate gusto of a novice squade afficer, inserts a semi/silvered exclamation by way of spiral hopper, but really copper, onto the projective expectations of electric empires and wins, not a demanding penury or concrete hyperlatives, the majority toastmaker's seat in the plenitentury committee, composts, spots on and, with luck, off, a very truthfully expensive wine of a tango. I brought these homophones home, irrespective of national politicss, but anabolic thoughts commit a raisin's edge of hope to crayon criminality. Apotato, I hope.

Horseshoe: join me now!