Tuesday, October 16, 2007

about computer systems and their relation to the sign industry.

We crease, easily dreary after twice untwinning, but orangements have been made for an third think that we have coming. A cubic alley, swaying apart in tartly tarnished turnpintines, firemans' yellow apart of the minty malt soda ashen deductions, curls semaphorically right-side the rolled snooze-papers parry. (bought) Brown hat, pre-sweat sweetened, belonged on the brighter brim daysie don, question-marked cycle-clock, blistered or, having never broken, merely leavened, smallpalmed pencil parking lot, but, we are oh-so-pleased to have been told, is instead treading uneven black hair and collecting, as it were, on preabled premises, a nominally pronominal aswagement of curt crayon particles, who have been otherwise or not, not unnoticably neglecting the near-neck nevernurseries of an esteemablely absent five modular mens, two of whom are jepordizably wo~, but being brushed nickels of the creamy silent variety, ne'er took notice of the nulled dust that didn't unduly undulate their pre-cancerous kerchief holders.
This is a slimey business, not offten enought lost under the overseers, glowing rowers, rowwers, and blick-backed brick bauers. A steamy vat, is, at least an oily underpasses, precisely the purchase a make-a-day maladjusted prize-fighter, androgenously figureened, would want weathered, sanded, touched-up, and carefully creased, so as to moisten the middleton science of byproduct penchants. I for one, briskly pendantic and uncovinced, broached the necklance thoughtout coffecakecroutons once upon their taptime, abjectly observed afterby nose-creed spiral-box groccery carts, and we were certainly all well informed, if not before crotch then well well beyond the scope of the this thaumaturg, that--THAT-- many blind tigers arching the story boat, cheap-skate of goat sandie, forgave, on more than two occasions we can only conclude via the contrivances afforded the notetaker whose shoes, somewhat unprofessionally I might add, did not agree with the established heirarchy of draconical organ arrangments, and thus them professed a rather colorectal afformentioning of propriatery and utterly pointless footnotes. No wages were deducted thencewith, so I will entruck, amid myriad speculation, the full semantic fecundity of said situations back over propogations, to claim, to foot, that our original untriangular dispossition was not entirely the result of deposits, properly programmed for suretainly, but ansponished an additional currant of sophistication, not of course by historicity or ever hip-ness, but empirically contraindicating a blue-white collar corollary to the universe that many road-side emergency preparedness metal painters have despicably ununfurled.
We have many honest moments ahead of us, and I am troubled by the alliterative contingencies that scour a tenaciously tefloned telephone while reclining any illustrious ne'erdowells (the only tempting iconoclast thereof who perchance perches on the axon is Winnie-the-Pooh) to the topological equivalent of an gargantuan (correct me if I'm wrong) wellington booster rockette, ably-crafted though always balanced with journalistic," integrity . "But don't consider any of these unremarkable nathaniels to be in any unusual sense of the sword abberant, but seamlessly crystalize all mentions of the Diety toward a more unromantic recapitulation of, "perserverence.
"Doubt, if it flitters neurealisticly, is the least of our concerns, and we may as well consider a statistical deviation of the plural from the singular as a ready-made sign affecting our completely wasted arrival. I, however, was still pleased by the way with which a stalwart headbeam, white, not blue, mind you, glanced upon me, thrice convoluted, and nearly lit a match between the major-haves and the minor-havethknots. Seven ravens could have hounded any brilliant iambitante and yet once again abdicated their aservices without any constabularites irregulare to offset their carbonic carapaces. This is but only of the washing town's way to assert itself.

age of technology is relatively new to me, but in the short space

I agree with all that has been said before, even the events encrouching our exoskeletal limit. Implored, though I was, to harvest mightily, and a hawk is a lonely hunter, it, by which is meant that which was therewith written, should, morally speaking, surprise noone, not a one, in the least bit signitorially, that, by which is meant these things here which are thusly dereferenced, I never mananged the complete aggregation of the aplumbatic apostrophes, either through carefull onotologies or unrepentant reneges. The unascriptive repetion of reason, a season for all seasons, soiled by narative revisionism, my mouth-watering mmm, made, nevertheless, on these silky shores an unimpressionable depression of button A. The most interesting sentence I can say about books in general is that they are long; no author sought casuality, certainly not causality, but more often their own casualty in the penning. A prime pump, if we must condescend to defite such a term, is precisely the remainder of cheese cake confiscated when lessly partitioned or morely mentioned to the plebian authorities, unbeknowst to himself, the contraband that shimmies and occasionally, with all the appropriate gusto of a novice squade afficer, inserts a semi/silvered exclamation by way of spiral hopper, but really copper, onto the projective expectations of electric empires and wins, not a demanding penury or concrete hyperlatives, the majority toastmaker's seat in the plenitentury committee, composts, spots on and, with luck, off, a very truthfully expensive wine of a tango. I brought these homophones home, irrespective of national politicss, but anabolic thoughts commit a raisin's edge of hope to crayon criminality. Apotato, I hope.

Horseshoe: join me now!

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