Wednesday, October 17, 2007

And thoroughfair

Half the stop gap halves the hair
elongated stairs, untold despair
arrangements arraigned for inexplicable stains
of a paign camp on the coyote's holiday

the Pilsner's dilemna of pride or shame"
you can choose one or the other
but ...either "weaver suites her the same, claiming the hights of crumbling
mumbling, gnawing on the knuckles
buckles the blind in the drawing room framed
by light or by fright or by fugitive mind, we maimed the clear cup of constancy's flame
and forgot the forgiven forensic fistgrave

If I croaked in the coffin or confabulated a page
it was my reverse performativity performing a play
a retort to retorsion, untersely misgave
not a robot by the long shot on the cuff of the puff
shoring the letter up the linear raid, it cancels the actions and
tackles the shade
evoking a mystery if only for blame, gaming ahead in tangible's spade
mis-graded I ply for another concave

We're growing the dream in the funnel faucet film, freaking
on filibuster reverse socket steams, and creams the memes in the settler's beam
fixing the faucet or forcing the seams creating a washboard
all hordes on the floor
trip up your trapezoid organically bored
acorn wronged on the resonent floor bright in the skyhike moonlighting misformed
irrational rambunction reducible control

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