Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fog nation

Bespoken prairie trees please a bright sight
there rambled entocamble reburstant airfights
contrite, despite ever opening in the night
around us falling floundas in the crown of brown down dust hounds us
hounds breaking ice from the root of lungs to the ozone playing mystical aboriginal
twisted cap rapper, in bleeds through the plastic, practical receptacle of rational dydactics
cracked tactics matches the mad patter up tick
why the crucibled contrainer to the plain train remainder is
in the nose of the winter flows earedencent nominal leaf-form
pre-torn miscellaneous on the returned scorn
born of nothing taller than Christmas tree's keeping to the
middle of the mitochondriac's shower where we wipp up the mighty, calibration's writing under cubically created pseudophononous metaphors.
Back in tiny, misreminded, abscent-cresting megadomes
Multiracial tempero-spatial agriculture moves the mown
Preambulation, we circumvent
the internet and in the wrent
fabricated plankton scaled with aristocratic demitones
hones your carburator calculated stereoscopic prone
under capitalized commercial eyespeck this will see the ending
of the blistered background mister tongue-twister tetrabending

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